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We are a team of passionate professionals that came together with the mission to serve our community, our aim is to enrich and broaden your tastes and experiences in pursuit of better living. We are settled in a historic building that we have converted into a fascinating wine house, coffee shop and art gallery.

We aim to bring the best fine wine, food, coffee and art experiences to Beijing. We value the craft in the making of the products we offer. Focusing on well sourced goods, from artisans who pride themselves on producing small batch, wholesome products – with the common goal to enrich and encourage wellbeing.

We welcome you to our house, and offer to make it yours.
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The Merchants.

We created M house beijing.

We came together with a focused vision:
To create something of value and to provide China with a different offering – based on well crafted products from near and far.
We set about sourcing the best wines from some of the smallest producers in the world and gathered together local Chinese producers to offer the freshest and most authentic ingredients.

We join together as 'one' to create an authentic and elegantly vibrant creative meeting place.

Relax Socialise and be Inspired

let me introduce myself /

hello, I am...


Mr. B, the host of M house beijing.
My presence is discreet. I will make sure you receive the best products and service possible. These products are carefully selected by my partners, they bring them from near and far, focusing on unique artisanal products with a story to tell. They have travelled long distances – luckily they can fly.

My partners are responsible for our exceptional products. I am responsible for making sure these products reach you in perfect condition. I will also ensure you have an excellent and pleasant experience in our house.
We invite you to taste.
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Mr B /

The Host
Ruddy Transparent

Ruddy /

Ruddy is a curious geeky bird that migrates between Italy and China. He contributes in building bridges between the two countries in cultural exchanges.

He bridges the
cultural gap.

He collects art.
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Moiselle /

Moiselle is a female bird that migrates between France and China.

She always finds new wines because she is curious

She trades in wine.
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Cormorante /

Cormorante is a sea bird that migrates through America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

He brings his expertise to restaurants and the most exclusive hotels worldwide.

He creates gastronomic experiences.
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Jacana /

Jacana is a long-legged bird that cycles around the seven continents.

He produces and sells bicycles around the world. He also tells a good story.

He writes books.

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M house beijing is the flagship house of The Merchants. This is the first offering of its kind in China.

It is a two-storey building that was once a Mao-Era printing factory. We are located inside the second ring of Beijing, at the very centre of culture and art. We reside next to the ruins of the royal walls of the Forbidden City. Our aim is to bring the best fine wine, food, and art experience to Beijing.

hello, goodness /

wine / food / coffee / art

At our all-day wine bar, you will taste a specially curated selection of wines. Wines that are out of the ordinary, wines that are not easily found.

We have made a special selection from artisan producers who specialise in small batches. These are some of the finest producers in the world.
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Our coffee is carefully sourced from small producers and lots – where attention to detail in the care for the product plays an important role. Every bean is collected in the correct season, and is roasted locally to maintain freshness. We endeavour to provide a coffee that presents a true and delicate flavour. The nuances of the brew is our focus.
We are the artisan of our craft in creating drinks. Our joy in the making will complement our world class spirits. We aim to create not only a cocktail, but an elixir to sooth the soul and enliven the senses.
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The lounge is a space to feed your creativity and imagination. You will breath art, relax and discover a better way of living. We seek to inspire all your senses. You will have your own private wine cellar, your private cocktail bar station, your private office facilities and your private music room... It's your own space, it's your own world. Moreover, you will also be part of a community of curators and creators.
Every month we select a winery and wine maker in tribute to their unrivalled quality and skill. We also pay homage to their passion in the art of wine making. A wine love story, a wine made of pure love. Wine makers that have gone beyond what is expected.
Mr BWine of the Month

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M Coffee Member /

One free coffee a day upon every visit to the house — drink in or to take away. Drip, coffee press and seasonal specials excluded.

One free pack of freshly roasted coffee beans every month to take home — limited edition coffee bean packs excluded.

Up to 3 cups of coffee a day at 15RMB/each to welcome friends to the house — drink in only. Drip, coffee press and seasonal specials excluded.

10% Discount on every purchase in the coffee shop — retail shop excluded.
5000rmb per year / 3500RMB per 6 months
12 packs of coffee beans each year & complimentary coffee every time in the house!

M Wine Member /

One free glass of house wine a day upon every visit in the house.

One free bottle of ‘wine of the month’ every month to enjoy in house or take away.

Invitation to our ‘wine of the month’ exhibition every month with wine tasting.

10% Discount on every purchase in the house, including the retail shop.
10000rmb per year/ 7000rmb per 6 months
12 bottles of wine each year & complimentary wine every time in the house!

M Beijing Member /

M Beijing Membership is the full experience of membership in wine, food, coffee & art.

The privileges of M Wine and M Coffee Memberships are all included in this package.

One Free snack, appetizer or dessert from our food menu every week.

Invitation to our art exhibition opening party every 3 months.

10% Discount on every purchase in the house, including the retail shop.
12000rmb per year/ 8000rmb per 6 months
12 packs of coffee beans + 12 bottles of wine each year, complimentary wine & coffee every time in the house!

Valid within the duration of the membership. Terms and conditions apply.


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We are often looking for new staff for our site, we are keen to hear from those with a passion for fine wine, food, coffee, cocktails and art. Please send an e-mail with a bit about yourself along with your CV to if you fancy joining The Merchants family.